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Custom Printed Drink Coasters

Custom Coasters with photo quality print.
Full color, thick Pulpboard printed on both sides
Take advantage of the ultimate personalized coaster


Free shipping – Both sides printed

Square or Round
We can assist you with our design service.

Did you know that….

45% of personalized coasters have been spun at the end of the evening?
75% of the audience plays with one or more custom coasters for more than 5 seconds?
90% of the drink coasters are found at a different place at the end of the evening?
92% of the audience looks at  a personalized coaster for more than 15 seconds?
For every custom coaster there are at least four instances of eye contact.
Every custom coaster has at least 12.56 in² of advertising space.
5,000 custom coasters have 430.55 foot² of advertising space!
And 100,000 personalized coasters have 8,611.13 foot²!
And with both sides printed this can even reach 17,222.26 foot².

Pulpboard Custom Coasters

Maximize your exposure with Pesonalized Coasters with full-color imprints.
Custom Drink Coasters made of heavy duty Pulpboard with full color imprints keep your brand in plain sight everywhere.
High visibility for large scale events or advertising campaigns with our Custom Coasters.
Our low priced, high-quality Personalized Pulpboard Coasters make it easy to promote your brand.
Keep your message in a prime viewing location with full color Pulpboard Custom Coasters.
Printing Plus offers top quality full color designs and low prices for unbeatable exposure at an event of any size.
It is our goal to provide you with colorful and striking custom coasters.
We strive to offer our customers the highest quality at the lowest price possible.

Prices subject to change without notice. Free shipping continental US only.

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